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RoboCupJunior Rescue CoSpace

Rescue CoSpace is the RoboCupJunior competition in which programming must be carried out using the CoSpace Robot Rescue platform, which can be downloaded free of charge from the site.; to perform a collaborative activity between a robot that works in a virtual environment and a real robot.

The platform generates a scenario in which it distributes victims (simulated with objects of different sizes and colors); When they are found, they should be notified of their detection, collected and taken to a safe area. The RoboCupJunior Rescue CoSpace category encourages inventiveness for participants from the Primary and Secondary divisions to immerse themselves in the programming and use of mobile robots.



The teams must settle for at least 2 members and up to a maximum of 5.

Each contestant can only be registered in 1 unique team, subliga and league in all RoboCupJunior.

The age is considered on July 1 of each year for the RoboCup World Cup, and therefore also for the Mexican Robotics Tournament®.

The Rescue CoSpace competition rules are published on the RoboCupJunior international site.

These rules can be consulted at: Take into account that the international committees are in the process of reviewing the rules, so it is advisable that you check periodically to find out if there were any updates.

Equipment limits by institution
Each institution can register the following number of teams for each Junior Category:

  • Maximum 1 team per sub-league in the Rescue Category (maximum 3 per institution for Rescue)
  • Maximum 2 teams per sub-league in the Soccer Category (maximum 6 per institution for Soccer)
  • Maximum 2 teams per sub-league in the OnStage Category (maximum 4 per institution for OnStage)
  • The number of teams in CoSpace will not be limited
  • The institution that has obtained the first place in each subcategory of the last tournament (TMR2016) and has sent its participation report in RoboCup Leipzig obtains the right to register one more team in that same subcategory. You must register the additional equipment and its members, and before concluding the pre-registration send an email to indicating the name of the team that you want to apply this right.

Age categories

  • Primary: in case all team members are between 11 and 14 years old (inclusive). This implies having been born between 02 / Jul / 2002 and 01 / Jul / 2006.
  • Secondary: for teams with members between 11 and 19 years of age (inclusive). This implies having been born between 02 / Jul / 1997 and 01 / Jul / 2006.