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The Mexican Robotics Tournament will host the AutoModelCar category, it has its antecedent in the project "Visions of Urban Mobility" of the dual year Mexico-Germany 2016-2017, promoted by Dr. Raúl Rojas to promote the training of human resources and research in the area of ​​autonomous vehicles.



For the only time, in the 2018 edition participation will be restricted to institutions that received an AutoModelCar robot in any of its versions (1, 2 or 3). AutoModelCar is a 1:10 scale car delivered as a loan to several Mexican universities that has sensors such as cameras and LiDAR. The intention is that in future editions the participation will open to teams that develop their own car at scale.

In this competition, the autonomous driving capabilities of the car are tested so that it can make its decisions based on its sensors (mainly cameras, LiDAR). The tests are carried out on a surface similar to a two-lane highway and in a parking area. The tests are:

  • Autonomous navigation without obstacles
  • Autonomous navigation with static obstacles
  • Autonomous navigation with mobile obstacles (tracking and rebase)
  • Self-contained parking
  • Mapping of the autonomous environment
  • Poster presentation



The final rules for the TMR 2018 can be downloaded from the following links.


The teams registered in this category are candidates to receive an enrollment scholarship to participate in Jalisco Talent Land, to be held from 02 to 06 April 2018 at Expo Guadalajara. You can consult more information at



Technical support:
Marco Morales


AutoModelCar Competition Technical Committee

  • Alejandro Aceves
  • Adalberto Llarena
  • Marco Morales
  • Marco Negrete
  • Jesus Savage