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The RoboCup @ Home category aims to develop useful service robots in tasks of daily life in an environment close to that of a real house. The robots are promoted to display natural interaction skills with the users and with their operating environment. Examples of these skills are location and safe navigation in uncontrolled environments, natural human-robot communication by voice and gestures and visual skills for the recognition and manipulation of objects.



At RoboCup @ Home you can register teams of up to 12 people with the right to place at the work table. There are no restrictions on who can participate. However, due to the level of difficulty of this competence, research groups that include undergraduate, postgraduate, professors and researchers are expected mainly.

Teachers who accompany the team and who wish to have a diploma that recognizes their participation in the event, but do not require them to be assigned to the team work table, may register as mentors. The registration cost of the mentors is the same as that of the contestants.



The regulation to be used is version 2018 with modification on the date of February 9, 2018 and that can be downloaded from the page:


Technical support:
Héctor Hugo Aviles Arriaga

Technical support:
Eva Karina Pérez Segura

Local manager:
Andrés Rivera