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LARC Open Challenge

The Mexican Robotics Tournament® is associated with several international competitions, among which is the Latin American Robotics Competition (LARC) of the IEEE. Annually, the TMR supports the winning team of the LARC Open Challenge to represent Mexico in the Latin American Robotics Competition.

Within the LARC, every two years a new challenge based on real problems is proposed. The current challenge began in 2016 and was held at the TMR for the second time in 2017.

The challenge was focused on the growing demand for quality food. Consumers look for organic products with known origin and free of pesticides. With respect to animals, consumers demand that the meat they consume comes from animals not caged and free of hormonal additives. Additionally, there is a growing tendency to demand that the animals do not suffer from mistreatment during the entire productive process.

The task proposed in the LARC Open Challenge since 2016 is to develop an autonomous robot that can milk the cows "on site", in such a way that the stress involved in moving them to the stable is avoided, and with this improving the quality of milk.



To participate in the LARC Open Challenge, you can register teams of up to 6 people. Team members must be students of any level or have graduated from their study program no more than two years ago.

Teachers who accompany the team and who wish to have a diploma that recognizes their participation in the event will be able to register as mentors. The registration cost of the mentors is the same as that of the contestants. Because the LARC Open Challenge is a competition for students, mentors are not assigned to the team's work table and are not allowed to help their students during the competition.



The rules are available on the page of the Latin American Council of Robotics IEEE-RAS in the section Rules OPEN 2016-17.



Technical support:
José Sebastián Bejos