RoboCupJunior Soccer


RoboCupJunior Soccer is an educational initiative focused on elementary, middle and high school students, as well as initial college students. In this, teams of 2 against 2 autonomous mobile robots play matches in a closed field of minifutbol, ​​looking for a ball and trying to send it to the goal that corresponds to them, or defending against the opposing offensive.

The robots built exclusively by the participants must be completely autonomous; besides watching them in game, they will be examined in their construction, technical design and programming, looking for the tournament champion to have the best balance between all these elements. Participants should be able to give the best of their programming, robotics, electronics and mechatronics skills, but they should also contribute to teamwork and share their knowledge with other participants, regardless of their age or the result in the competition. Everyone is expected to compete, learn, have fun and grow.



Within this category of competition there are the following sub-leagues:

  • Soccer Lightweight [On-site]: All team members must be between the ages of 14 and 19 (inclusive). 
  • SoccerOpen [On-site]: All team members must be between 14 and 19 years of age (inclusive). 



RCJ Soccer teams must settle for at least 2 members and up to a maximum of 4.

The age is considered on July 1 of each year for the RoboCup World Cup, and therefore also for the Mexican Robotics Tournament.

Each contestant can only be enrolled in 1 unique team, sub-league and league in all RoboCupJunior.


Each institution can register the following number of teams for each Junior sub-league:

  • Maximum 2 teams per sub-league in all Soccer and OnStage sub-leagues
  • The institution that has obtained the first place in each sub-league of the last tournament (TMR2021) and has sent its participation report in RoboCup obtains the right to register one more team in that same sub-league. You must register the additional team and its members, and before concluding the pre-registration send an email to indicating the name of the team that wishes this right to be applied.


The rules for the RoboCupJunior Soccer 2022 competition are posted on the international RoboCupJunior site.

These rules can be consulted in Y It must be taken into account that international committees are in the process of reviewing the rules, so it is advisable to check periodically to find out if there were any updates.

To clarify the rules and share knowledge in the Mexican Robotics Tournament, you can create an account at and start a new conversation in the RoboCupJunior Soccer forum.

The RoboCupJunior Soccer competition will be held in person with the following activities:

  • Virtual interview (prior to the day of registration on site)
  • Verification of physical compliance of the robots and presentation with a double letter size poster of the team (on the day of registration on site)
  • Matches against other teams in Swiss system
  • Finals (only for the highest teams in the leaderboard)
  • technical challenges



Javier Enrique Delgado Moreno



Hiram Herrera Rivas