LARC Standard Educational Kits



The Mexican Robotics Tournament® (TMR) is associated with various international competitions, among which the Latin American Robotics Competition (LARC) of the IEEE stands out. Annually, the TMR supports the winning team of the LARC Standard Educational Kits (SEK) to represent Mexico in the Latin American Robotics Competition.

Within the LARC, approximately every two years a new challenge is proposed based on real problems and that must be solved exclusively with official parts from a single standard kit for robot development. Among the kits allowed for this competition are: LEGO, Vex, pETe and FischerTechnik, etc. If you use a kit other than those mentioned or have any concerns regarding the kit, please contact the technical managers of the category to clarify your doubts.

Due to the fact that the LARC committee has not yet published the rules of the challenge that will be used during 2022 and the proximity of TMR2022, it has been decided that the latest rules will be used for the challenge of the LARC SEK category in the Mexican Robotics Tournament®. published by the international committee, however, the rules of the international competition may vary.






In a rugged terrain in the city of Big River there is a pipeline submerged in a toxic water channel. However, parts of the pipe have been damaged due to a strong earthquake. Because the lands and waters of Big River are difficult to access, this scenario has become perfect for testing new autonomous robots capable of solving this problem. As many robots were introduced, the pipe company organized a competition to see which robots would be most suitable for this purpose.



To participate in LARC SEK, you can register teams of up to 4 people. Team members must be undergraduate students or any previous level of studies.

For the TMR 2020, the presentation of the Team Description Paper (TDP) with the IEEE format (download link) and an extension of 4 to 6 pages. 

Teachers who accompany the team and who want to have a diploma that recognizes their participation in the event can register as mentors. The cost of registration of the mentors is the same as that of the contestants. Because LARC SEK is a student competition, mentors are not assigned a seat at the team desk.


The rules are available at the following link: Competition rules.
Also consult the considerations for the SEK category in the TMR 2022.



Javier Enrique Delgado Moreno



Benjamin Ortiz Moctezuma