The fees established for the TMR 2022 They are as follows:

  • Early registration, from April 14 to May 3, 2022, MXN $1,575.00 per team of up to 4 people (MXN $420.00 per additional member).
  • Late registration, from May 4 to 9, 2022, MXN $2,100.00 per team of up to 4 people (MXN $525.00 per additional member).


Seeking to support the teams and institutions interested in participating in the 2022 Mexican Robotics Tournament and given that we have seen that work after the last two years of the pandemic requires taking into account different elements, the Mexican Federation of Robotics has decided to establish that the registration costs are the same as in 2019. Likewise, the late registration period was reduced to the last week of registration.


We put at your disposal the following alternatives to cover the fees:

  • Bank deposit in BBVA: the data to make the deposit, such as the final amount and the registration code to be able to identify your payment, are obtained by sending the data of your equipment in the registration system. For the deposit you can use transfers between BBVA accounts, interbank transfers from other banks or deposit at a BBVA teller or ATM. 
  • Paypal payment: This option allows the use of any payment method that Paypal has available for your location, so you can use it for payments from abroad or with credit cards. Once you have completed the initial steps in the registration system and obtain the information to make your deposit, request your payment via Paypal by sending an email to, indicating your registration code, institution and amount. The next day you will receive an email from Paypal with the link for payment for the amount that corresponds to you. As soon as you complete the transaction in Paypal, upload the payment receipt to the registration system to complete your process. 


Important notices:

  • The costs include VAT.
  • Applications for registration or payment of fees will not be received from May 10, 2022 onwards.
  • For registration payment, both contestants and mentors are considered team members.


Return policy

Because the planning of the event depends on the number of participants and teams registered in each category, only return requests that are made by the latest will be accepted. monday 9 may. After this date, no refund requests will be accepted. This policy applies even if the team or any of its members cannot attend the event, regardless of the reason.


Fiscal data of the FMR

These are the fiscal data of the Mexican Federation of Robotics, that some institutions require to be able to generate their payments.

AC Mexican Robotics Federation

Av. Amsterdam 240 interior 4
Col. Racecourse
Del. Cuauhtémoc
Mexico City, CP 06100

RFC: FMD100528N13